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LDGI, on the 18th of April 2012, organized a breakfast sitting with parliamentarians, land experts and other land sector practitioners in a bid to enhance awareness and commitment on the then land bills, now Acts of Parliament, which were on the floor of the National Assembly.

A direct output from the meeting was a report to inform specific amendments to be tabled by the legislators who attended. The impact of this event is evident from the Hansard record which reflects good contributions to debate on the three bills by some of the legislators who attended. the final amendments in the bills correlate with some of the inputs that were sent directly to the committee on Land and Natural Resources.

The input of stakeholders and CSO’s was formally acknowledged in the Hansard report of 26/04/2012, with Hon. Kioni extending his congratulations to other stakeholders, including the CIC and the civil society who made some kind of contribution and shown commitment in the process of developing the Land Bill. This led to the successful enactment of the land bills.

breakfast 3

breakfast 19