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News and Events

LDGI Survey on Public Land Management in Kenya – Report Release Featured

 In light of recent reports on incidences of public land grab, LDGI rolled out a survey to establish the status of public land management in Kenya. The study targeted public institutions which hold large tracts of land as well as County Land Management Boards (in charge of managing public land at the devolved level.

The report was released at a Media Briefing at the Nairobi Safari Club – Lilian Towers, on Wednesday, 24th February 2016.

The results of the survey pointed to less than half of the public institutions (41%) having any form of documentation that can prove ownership of land they hold. Most of these public institutions (62%) are aware of the National Land Commission's (NLC's) role in the management of public land and had interacted with the commission to process ownership documents, solve encroachment disputes and repossess grabbed land. Some of these institutions had also interacted with the Commission at seminars and workshops on public land management.

CLMBs only have lists of public institutions as their inventory of public land within the county and only one of the 21 counties targeted in this study have made efforts to set up an inventory on a GIS platform. The report findings also touched on citizens' role in public land management and found out that most people who had witnessed an attempt to irregularly acquire or illegally occupy public.

The report recommends prioritization of establishment of an inventory of public land that will guide management and titling of all public land (in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands). The Institute also urges public institutions to take steps such as surveying, planning, fencing and getting title deeds of land held to protect against land grab.

Full report can be downloaded here.