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In Kenya, those with registered private land hold either freehold or leasehold interests. A freehold interest is for an unlimited period and is the kind held by Kenyans in most rural areas. They are easily managed and inherited. A leasehold interest is held for a defined period after which the land reverts to the person who granted the lease. Most leasehold interests are found in urban areas. But many leases were granted by the colonial government to promote Kenya’s agriculture…
The lands agency is expected to start renewing and extending leases after an embargo on the exercise was lifted. A memorandum on guidelines for extension and renewal of land leases prepared by Lands Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi has since been approved by the Cabinet and is awaiting gazettment. Kaimenyi confirmed the approval, saying he would gazette the guidelines by next Friday. "Latest Friday next week," he said is a short text message when reached for comment on when he will…
Lands Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi has ordered registries across the country to transfer officers who have worked at one station for more than four years. He said the move will improve integrity and break cartels and brokers. Speaking during an impromptu visit to the Embu Lands office, Prof Kaimenyi was incensed by the absence of half of the staff members. “Staying in one station for long can affect service delivery. Those who have overstayed in one station must be moved…
Kenya has started buying land from private owners to construct a high voltage power line connecting to Tanzania that will allow bulk electricity trade with southern Africa nations including South Africa. The National Land Commission (NLC) published a notice with the intention to acquire the wayleave corridor for the transmission line running from Isinya substation in Kajiado to the border town of Namanga. The 96-kilometre interconnector line will have a capacity to transfer 2,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity in either…
Land prices in Nairobi’s satellite towns have gone up significantly over the last year mainly driven by roads expansion. The latest land price index released by  real-estate firm Hass Consult yesterday showed Juja, 32.5 kilometres from Nairobi, saw prices appreciate by 45.2 per cent in the year to March, with an acre going for an average of Sh11.1 million. Ruiru, which is on Thika Road and adjacent to the Eastern Bypass, recorded a 44 per cent increase, with an acre fetching Sh23 million. Limuru, which is set for new road link, on the…